Public Speaking Coaching For Better Communication

public speaking coachingPublic speaking is one of the top three most stressful things a human being can do. Most people feel that they should be able to get up and just speak to an audience the way they do at a meeting. Fact is, public speaking does not come naturally to everyone and it is a skill that needs to be acquired and developed. Even if you are already quite competent at public speaking, you can always improve your skills and there is no end of tips and tricks available from professional coaches to help you get better at delivering a polished and professional speech.

How to Improve your Presentation Skills and Become a Better Public Speaker

Public speaking coaching will make a better public speaker out of you by providing you with the following services:

– Individual speaker coaching to brush up on speeches, prepare for job interviews, deliver sales pitches, chair meetings, run Q & A sessions, conduct professional media interviews and much more.
– Workshop coaching for organizations and teams
– Keynote speeches to deliver to any audience on communication topics
– Writing and editing speeches and resumes
– Preparing presentation slides and conducting presentations.

What Public Speaker Coaching Can Do For You

With individual speaker coaching the focus is on you and the information you need to deliver. An individual speaker approach is based on the following criteria:

Your particular needs
Whether you need to deliver a speech, prepare for a job interview, pitch your boss for a promotion, give a toast at a wedding, or simply wish to develop useful public speaking skills because they will always come in useful, individual speaker coaching will take you by the hand and train you in the exact skills necessary to give a good account of yourself.

Your Personal Strengths
Your personal skills an experience comes that will help develop your speaking skills come into play here as you discover the right public speaking approach for your personality.

Personal Time Constraints
How much time are you able to devote to speaker coaching and finding a plan to make it work.

Presentation Skills Training

Speaker training will benefit you if you would like to be a professional speaker. However, most executives do not need to mesmerize an entire audience with their speaking skills.

Most public speakers seek to connect with their audiences and building trust by delivering a clear and interesting speech. Personal presence is important to connect with an audience and engender trust and respect. These attributes cannot be learnt from speaker training, but individual speaker coaching will help bring out the best traits in an individual.

When considering presentation training, the following points are important to remember:

– There is never only one right way to do a presentation.

Most presentation trainers have certain opinions regarding the type of techniques that are the most effective to deliver effective presentations, even though claims that support these opinions are often contradictory. For example, some coaches will encourage you to make large gestures, while others will caution that large gestures are distracting and will detract from the focus of the presentation. This effectively demonstrates that what is right for one person is not necessarily right for another and in the end your personal style is what will work best for you.

– The best presenters seldom follow strict rules.

Great presenters use a wide range of different approaches and don’t stick to proper techniques or follow a set speech framework. Strong presenters will allow their personal presence to shine through and clearly demonstrate their expertise and personal passion for the topic.

– Authenticity will always override form.

Observation of diverse sets of human behaviors has made individuals adept at spotting authenticity or the lack thereof. A speaker who cares is seen as authentic and authenticity creates a bond which establishes credibility. Anything else becomes superfluous.

If the focus is on authenticity and presence, a speaker can calibrate his style to the occasion. A perfect speech form often alienates members of an intimate group which is more suited to a dialogue situation. Public speaking coaching can work with you to ensure that these attributes and clearly demonstrated in your presentations.

– Everyone innately knows how to communicate ideas to others.

We all know how to communicate effectively and present ideas in our own natural way, we only need to be reminded, and that is where an individual speaker coach can help We do it all the time with colleagues, family and friends. It is when the stress of public speaking makes us anxiety ridden that we can’t remember how to communicate with others.

An individual speaker coach will remind you of what it feels like to discuss issues in a relaxed way, what your body language is saying and try to get you to repeat it when presenting. Trying to adopt someone else’s style, no matter how good they are, will not achieve the same results. In a public speaking coaching session you can practice real life situations, starting with small ones, and build confidence to where you are able present to a large audience in the same way as you would explain something to a close relative.

Speaker training puts you through a drill which leaves you feeling less authentic and not more authentic and able to connect with your audience as you need to remember piles of information, including making the correct gestures, holding the correct postures and delivering his perfect speech effects. Echoes and refrains run through your head as you are trying to deliver your speech, such as: Stand up straight, walk around, but don’t pace too much, don’t forget to make eye contact and don’t tilt your head, make bigger gestures, don’t distract your audience with too many gestures, and on it goes. And the sad part is that after going through all of that at presentation training, most people forget up to 90% of what they have learned in a very short period of time.

Individual speaker coaching will concentrate on making you a more authentic, interested and effective presenter and public speaker.