Public Speaking Anxiety Tips To Get You Help

public speaking anxietyWhen you’re trying to get over public speaking anxiety, you probably are aware of how hard it can be. This is why you should really consider using this advice to help you get through it. Everyone that does this kind of speaking will face this fear sometimes, and some won’t know what to do about it. It’s smart to get some of this knowledge in mind before you get started so that you can take on any kind of public speaking event without too much trouble. If you’re ready to learn more, keep reading.

Practice what you have to say in front of a mirror so that you can perfect what you look like and the movements you’re making. When you know what you’ll look like to others, it can help you to calm down about the presentation you have to make. This is because you will see that you don’t look so bad when you do it, and this can help if your fear is of you looking a little silly. Practicing one or two times will also help you to memorize what you’re talking about so you don’t trip up.

Public speaking anxiety may just happen in the middle of your presentation, so you have to know what to do to make yourself more calm. You may want to work on breathing exercises that you can do while you pause between saying things to the crowd. Just concentrate on what you’re doing and not so much on the people out there that are listening to what you have to say. They are there for you and you have to give them the right kind of information. That means you shouldn’t let the anxiety get the best of you and run you off the stage.

You’ll want to make very sure that you learn how to deal with looking out into a crowd of people. Generally you’ll want to pick one person out as a focal point where you can tell whether or not your speech is going as well as it should be. You shouldn’t stare them down or anything, but go back to them while you’re talking from time to time to see whether or not they are still engaged. If they aren’t, then don’t panic. You may just need to switch the subject at that point.

Some people have a chemical imbalance that causes their anxiety issues a lot of the time. You need to be very sure that you work on getting these things taken care of. You may want to get some kind of therapy, counseling, or even onto some medication to help you get through this. It will allow you to learn what can be done about this, and it may just help you with your public speaking skills. It’s worth a try if you find yourself to be nervous all the time when you know that it’s not something you should be feeling.

Before giving your speech it may pay off to do some exercise to get your heart rate up for a little while. This way, you can work off that nervous energy and make sure that you’re a little more relaxed since you spent your energy before you decided to go out to do your speaking. A lot of people find that exercise is something that naturally puts them in a better mood as well. If you can’t find anything else that works, it wouldn’t hurt to give this a try. Plus, it will keep you in better shape!

When it’s getting to be time for your speech and you’re feeling anxious, try to just focus on memorizing the first few lines. Repeat them to yourself over and over, and that can take your mind off of the anxious feelings you may be having at the time. If this isn’t working, then perhaps you can read a book or even play a video game of some kind. Whatever you can do to take your mind off of things. It’s sometimes best to wait and just get out there before you process what’s going on so you’re not stressing yourself out too much.

It’s good to realize that you’re there to teach people something, not there to impress anyone or to make them laugh or cry. You can try to put emotion into it, but just be sure that you know they’re not there to stare you down and judge you. The only way things will go bad is if you start to freak out and leave the stage, which would disappoint the people that came to listen to you. Try to just stay in the moment and learn to know that they are there to listen and that’s all.

Just know that this will be over in a little while and the best way to get through any kind of speaking event would be just to power through what you have to say. Don’t rush it too much, but don’t spend too much time being idle either. When you just stand there and think for a second, your anxiety may become a looping thought process that will have you not thinking about the task at hand. Really just work on what you have to do and tell yourself that it will be over soon. You should be able to get through this if you just try!

As you can see, it’s not too hard to get over public speaking anxiety if you’re willing to work on what you can do to get over it. This is a fear a lot of people have to face and it’s something that you now know what to do about. It can be difficult to overcome this kind of anxiety, but if you use the above advice it will allow you to get the assistance you need anytime you need it. Just make sure you’re able to keep track of these tips so the next time you have to speak in public you’re prepared.